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Check out our industrial cold press oil machines designed for different capacities and purposes in company with our spare parts network that we always keep in high stock.

About Us

Global Cold Press

Our family company, which has an industrial history of more than 100 years, has been dealing with cold press oil machines and technologies for the last 15 years.

As a family and company, our goal is to produce more efficient and long-lasting products by using new technologies every day and to offer them to our customers.

The bodies and the parts that create the pressing unite of our machines are produced entirely from stainless steel alloy in our modern production facilities in line with our company principles that do not compromise on quality

Our products have become more useful and more functional with the innovations developed by our R&D department in accordance with the latest technology and standards. In addition, we can develop special design products in line with the wishes of our customers.

We have full faith in ourselves that our sales and service team will always work in a disciplined, fast and effective manner in accordance with company principles regarding spare parts supply.

We have no doubt that our products will be the number one product of your preference list very soon, due to the benefits we will provide to you in terms of both usage and price.

Our corporate structure and our R&D and sales team will be happy to offer you all kinds of services.



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